Are You Ready for the Dyson?

When you’re looking for a good canister vacuum cleaner, then Dyson’s reputation of topping the canister vacuum ratings is a hard one to ignore. The ergonomic design, dual-power, digital motor is lightweight and smaller than other cleaners on the market but a lot more powerful. The hand vacuum ratings are topped by the Dyson DC25, not only on price but on effectiveness. Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology is world-renowned for being the best there is and it completely justifies the higher price.

Dyson DC25 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson is perfect for on-the-spot cleaning. It is rapid with its suction and as it is bag-less, you can easily see when the canister needs emptying, without mess or fuss. The powerful motor might seem like it would wear out quickly, but there is a 2-year warranty on labor and parts, which shows just how much development has gone into the design of the motor and the whole vacuum cleaner; it’s no wonder it tops the hand vacuum ratings.

The dual-power mode allows you to use it for 6 minutes at 70% more suction than regular suction, or for 10 minutes at the lower suction (which is still very powerful) rating. The canister vacuum ratings are tipped in the favor of the Dyson, as it is easy to suck up carbon, dust and dirt easily. Conventional cleaners can barely get a look in, in comparison. The high-velocity crevice tool means you can easily get into odd-shaped areas and corners, and thanks to the ergonomic design you can expect it not to make your wrist ache.

The whole unit only weighs 2.9 pounds, which is over 50% lighter than most cleaners, making it one of the best in the hand vacuum ratings charts. Thanks to the quick-start guide, the AC/DC power adaptor, the combi-nozzle and brush tool and the funky looks, it’s one of the most innovative and unique vacuums on the market. Although the battery life might not last as long as some hand vacuums, that is mainly due to the incredible suction power and rate at which the motor works at.


When you’re looking at the canister vacuum ratings and are wondering which one to buy, don’t necessarily go for the cheapest one, as it will be heavier, have less suction and not be as cleverly designed, hence the low price. The Dyson DC25 might cost a little more, but the benefits that it comes with outweigh the cost every time.

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