Electrolux canister vacuum reviews

Nowadays, more and more families choose to clean with vacuum, for it is much more convenient and efficient. Therefore, choosing the most suitable vacuum must be a difficult decision for customers. Here, in this review, I strongly recommend this electrolux canister vacuum — Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A, which enjoys so many outstanding features that makes it special.

Main description of Electrolux UltraSilencer


Ultra-silent cleaning

With a low 65 dBA noise level, it won’t bother users when vacuuming. Even though it’s working, the vacuum can also keep a quiet and comfortable environment for families. At the same time, families can watch TV, read books and even have sleep.


The vacuum el6986a is designed so light so that it’s easy for storage and operation. You don’t need to waste too much strength when maneuvering. Customers think that the design is so considerate, for they don’t feel tired and isn’t out of breath after cleaning. With small Dimensions of 15.5 x 23.8 x 12.1 inches, it can be stored anywhere without taking large space.

Variable speed control

There is a speed control in the handle of el6986a so you could choose how strong the suction is with your fingertips. Variable speed control is for suiting different kinds of situations. When vacuuming thick tile or carpet, my recommend is to open the most powerful suction to have a deeper cleaning. On bare floor, the lowest suction can also perform well, and also save energy.

Telescopic wand and tools

Equipped with Telescopic wand and tools, it becomes much easier to clean hard to reach areas, such as space under sofa or other furniture, even high space—the roof. Customers hold the opinion that it’s really a great helper for ones who won big houses.

Some important questions asked by customers

How does it work on carpet?

It is OK with carpets and rugs, and does an excellent job on hardwood floor and tiles. There is no need for you to worry about dust and pets’ hair in the carpet, because of the strong suction of this electrolux ultrasilencer.

Is it noisy when working?

The answer is definitely no. Many customers confess that it is so quiet that you almost can’t notice the electrolux ultrasilencer is working, which permits you to listen to music when vacuuming.

How to change the bags of the vacuum?

It’s very easy to operate. The first step is to open the bag compartment of this electrolux canister vacuum, and then remove the bag and bag holder. After doing that, you can put in a new bag. In this process, there is one thing you need to attention—-in order to keep the contents in the bag, before removal, you should make sure the cover is closed.

How long is the warranty of electrolux canister vacuum?

Two years warranty is provided with the customers. Within the warranty, if any damage happens because of the product’s quality, customers will get a free replacement.

Electrolux canister vacuum reviews – The voices of consumers

Up to now, there are 42 customers who give their reviews in Amazon. The average customer reviews is not bad, owning 4.1 out of full 5 stars. Most show a positive attitude towards it. One of the main features of electrolux canister vacuum that customers praise is silent-cleaning, with the vacuum working; they can also enjoy a quiet environment. Some speak highly of its strong ability to suit all kinds of floors, including tiles, rugs, carpets and hardwood floors. Using electrolux ultrasilencer el6986a, customers can have a deep cleaning of the whole house. The lightweight and excellent suction are also shining points of Electrolux UltraSilencer® Canister Vacuum, EL6986A.

On the other hand, some customers point out some aspects of electrolux ultrasilencer el6986a, which need to be improved. The main point is not enough suction, especially when dealing with areas with rugs and carpets. Another main concern is the product gets hot sometimes when vacuuming. For that reason, they are worried about any damage happens.


All in all, with quiet-cleaning and ultimate suction power, Electrolux’s Ultra Silencer can do great performance on all floors, especially on hardwood. Having the Electrolux UltraSilencer® Canister Vacuum, EL6986A – an electrolux canister vacuum, you can be away from traditional cleaning way, and enjoy a new life style.

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