Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Review

Rarely will you meet a person who declares vacuuming, or cleaning in general for that matter, to be among their favorite activities. Those that wish to own the best vacuum for pet hair will have a great deal of trouble locating one that fits the majority of their needs. Buy even the most powerful handheld, and you’re forced to empty it out after every few rooms. Buy an upright known for its maneuverability, and you’re still tasked with figuring out where to store it when it isn’t being used. If neither of these trade-offs seems reasonable to you, then odds are that you’re the perfect candidate for a canister vacuum. The Eureka Mighty Mite comes in a few different models. While the 3670A is one of the cheaper models, it pales in comparison to the 3670G, which houses a stronger motor (12 amps) for only a few dollars more than the model beneath it. The relatively small canister lends itself well to wrapping the twenty-foot cord, and takes up much less storage space than an upright. It also boasts some qualities over handheld vacuums as the long handle keeps you from having to get down and dirty with any mess, and the easily replaceable bags reduce the risk of covering yourself in dust by emptying the bin wrong. Since you are not controlling the entire vacuum, it is less heavy to wield than either of the other main vacuum types.

Defining Features:

Works on Both Hard Floors and Carpets:

The brush rolls on this vacuum are geared toward deep cleaning, making the appliance workable on many different types of rugs and carpets; however, the powerful suction and flat cleaning head actually work quite well on hard floors. This makes the device useful when covering the entire surface area of a house, though its light weight and easily manipulated arm also make it suitable to the maintenance of car interiors and furnishings.

Blower Port Expands Functionality:

While most vacuums are concerned exclusively with suction, this vacuum is able to move air in reverse as well. This makes it a viable blower tool, allowing light leaf blowing as well as dusting for houses with a large number of electronics, especially computers. The blower function is easy to use by simply taking the hose arm off of the base and affixing it to the blower port

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