Shark Navigator NV22L Review

The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a bagless model designed for pet-friendly households. Useful features include a cleaning wand, a pet brush, a super-stretch hose providing a reach of up to 12 feet, a dusting brush, two 24-inch crevice tools designed for removing hair from tight spaces and a turbo power brush. Weighing in at 15 pounds, the Navigator is said to work equally well on bare floors and carpeting; its automatic brush roll shutoff feature stops the brush roll to provide exceptional cleaning power on bare floors. It retails for $149 at most online retailers.

The Positives

Shark Navigator NV22L VacuumThe Navigator boasts overwhelmingly high customer satisfaction rating of 4.2 of 5 stars from over 1,200 customer reviews due to the efficacy reported by users.

They appreciate the attachments and other features, particularly the easy work that the 24-inch crevice tool makes of wall and ceiling cleaning.

Those living in multiple-cat households are pleased with the cleaning power of the Navigator and say that the pet power brush attachment works well for cleaning the hair of long-haired dogs. Navigator users as a whole report their carpets being cleaner than they’ve ever been and compare the suction power of the Navigator to that of a Dyson or a Shop-Vac.

According to these reviewers, anyone concerned about the lack of a carpet height adjustment need not worry; the exceptional suction power of this two motor vacuum eliminates the need. A user with several small dogs and limited physical mobility also reports finding the Navigator light and easy to use.

Those using a bagless model for the first time are overwhelmingly pleased with the easy disposal of debris from the collection chamber, and a number of reviewers also appreciate the Navigator being quieter than most vacuums on the market as well as the relatively small base making for easy storage. Multi-floor home owners find the three click power switch useful, offering them options of suction only or brush roll features for bare floors and thick carpets respectively.

The Negatives

The drawbacks, as reported by users, are relatively minor and include the non-retractable cord, which may be inconvenient for those unwinding it the full 30 feet. One senior citizen reported that the placement of the cord wrap is too low for many users with bad backs. Some reviewers, who liked the product overall, nevertheless mention that in homes with individuals who are highly sensitive to the allergens collected by the Navigator or by any other bagless model, it is necessary to take special care when emptying the collection chamber and even consider doing so outside. Another user stated that he would have preferred a floor light on the vacuum.

Like all bagless vacuum cleaners the Shark Navigator NV22L works best if you clean the the dirt canister thoroughly to enable optimal airflow throughout the system. This means that you’ll need to get your hands dirty picking out the dirt that’s stuck in the cyclonic chamber found inside the dirt collection bin. You can do this every three months if you do regular cleaning so it coincides with the washing of the three foam filters that are stacked together under the dirt canister.

Final Assessment

As a whole, the Shark Navigator NV22L offers high-end suction power at a significantly affordable price. Users have been consistently happy with their purchase; even those reporting what might be thought of as design flaws have been pleased with the product overall. For pet owners facing an uphill battle to keep their homes as clean as if they’d never had the joy of a four-legged friend in their lives, the Navigator might be just what they need.

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